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Erica 2 days ago

Loaded Potato Mac

I was visiting New York when my ice and I found this place. We love Mac and cheese so why not try it with a twist while on vacation right? No lie this Mac and cheese makes me want to truly move to NY. I was nervous with trying the loaded potato Mac but it was just so mouth wateringly delicious! I wish I could make it Home. Hands down the most flavorful, most delicious, most enjoyable bowl of Mac In the whole universe!

Candice 28 days ago

Loaded Potato Mac

The loaded baked potato is the most delicious mac and cheese I have ever had. The crunchy onions and the bacon on it is so good. Truly needs to be on a menu somewhere for the best mac and cheese. This is my favorite thing ever!

Guest 28 days ago

Korean BBQ Mac and Cheese


Karenmarie71 3 months ago

Classic Mac

Delicious!!! Thanks Macarollin for being one of the food sponsors at the Grocery run on Saturday, 11/2/19, serving hot mac n' cheese. We enjoyed your food.

Alexismuroski 4 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

Every year I look forward to Harborfest in Oswego NY, and it's for 1 thing. Getting a cheesy masterpiece from Macarollin. Buffalo chicken Mac and bacon Mac are my top fav, 10/10 would recommend.

Brianna 5 months ago

Maryland Crab

Had this at the MD Food Truck Festival and it is the best mac n' cheese I have ever had. I am slightly obsessed with it now. Wish there was a truck near me on a regular basis but probably better for my waistline that there isn't!

Cnymasonry 5 months ago

Lobster Mac

Absolutely the best lobster mac i've ever had. I would drive across town for anything on this menu.

Fosterchelsi 5 months ago

Lobster Mac

I experienced this at the lovely food truck festival last year in Columbia, SC and I have been in love ever since. The lobster Mac n cheese is awesome!!! I am so sad because there is no store out here. I have been literally waiting for the next festival just to eat here!!

Hsubeh14 6 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

Absolutely amazing!

Nicolescanlon85 6 months ago

Loaded Potato Mac

This was amazing! I love loaded potato anything, but this just nails it! The hashbrowns, and that garlic sour cream! What! Then you can't go wrong with bacon. This dish just does it all.

Gsaginai 6 months ago

Caprese Mac

It's absolutely amazing!! I recommend for everyone to try-- my personal favorite menu option. Very fresh and tasty!

Echomotorsllc 6 months ago

Lobster Mac

By far my favorite place to go for Mac & Cheese! Five starts for sure!!

Ashleycale8 7 months ago

Caprese Mac

This is my absolute favorite place to eat at! I am visiting later this year coming all the way from Arizona and this is first on my to-do list, along with all my family coming as well! There is no Mac & cheese company like this, this is one in a million! So excited to stuff my face once again!!

Echarbonneau7 7 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

I'm 30 and I didn't think Mac & Cheese could be this good. Unreal. The Buffalo Chicken Was amazing. Didn't believe them when they said gourmet on the truck but now I know why. Crispy,Cheesy,Melty,Hot,Boom. Gonna go back for the Lobstaaa Mac

Nigeria 7 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

I had this at the Food Truck Festival that came to Columbia, SC and it was the bomb. I was thinking about this dish just the other day and couldn't remember the name of the truck until I looked it up.

Amandachi06 8 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

This was the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had. Every bite was mouth watering. It even tastes better the second day too!

Guest 8 months ago

Lobster Mac

Had lobster Mac and cheese yesterday at the food truck festival and OH MY GAWD!!!!! I wish I got a second to take home!!! Soooooo yummy!!!!!!!

Kpb5963 9 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

A beautiful combination of buffalo and Mac while not overpowering. A weekly treat.

Stephanie over 1 year ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

This is always my "go to" dish with you. Would love to see more white meat chicken added. Keep up the great work

Kanijahk85 23 days ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

Their Buffalo chicken Mac & cheese is hands down the BEST I have ever had, and the bleu cheese crumbles on top bring everything together. I love buffalo chicken macaroni, so when I found out that they had some I just had to try it out. The macaroni itself has a great flavor and it doesn't depend on the toppings to make it tase good, instead the flavor profiles work together and create something amazing. I have yet to taste a buffalo mac & cheese as great as Macarollin.

Tinybee321 28 days ago

Lobster Mac

Best lobster Mac n cheese hands down!!! So delicious!!

Tattedapple77 about 2 months ago

Classic Mac

One of the best mac and cheese i have ever had!

Tisaray6 3 months ago

Lobster Mac

You never disappoint. I always get the lobster mac and cheese. And its always delicious. Your staff on the trucks are always so nice. Hope to see you again soon.

Cag4463 4 months ago

Caprese Mac

The food truck was at the Remsen Barn Fest. This dish was fabulous. Tasty and loved every bite. Cant wait to eat it again.

Mww1034 5 months ago

Bacon Mac


Donna 5 months ago

Lobster Mac

My son and I always tried to experiment different ways to make Mac and cheese. God rest his soul he would of loved your lobster Mac and cheese. Each time I order it both at east view and any food truck rodeo it is phenomenal. I absolutely love the lemon goat cheese with bread crumbs. It adds to the dish extremely well. Any friends that asked about Macarollin I give them awesome reviews. They all have tried it and fell in love with the lobster Mac and crab Mac.

Abbyncisreid 6 months ago

Classic Mac

Amazing Mac and cheese!! Possibly the best I've ever had! I look forward to it every time it comes around U of R!

Sweetadharmony 6 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

OMG! I hope you aren't around much because this was the awesomest mac and cheese evah and I'd eat too much if I had easy access to you... The Syracuse Arts and Craft Festival is where my husband and I had some of this dish. We both agreed you would have killed the competition at a mac and cheese competition we attended in Binghamton a couple of years ago.

Holloway 6 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

Best Mac and cheese in town ! Very cheesy and the buffalo chicken gives it's a great combination & makes me crave more ! ❤️

Britnichichelli 6 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

Literally the best Mac and cheese I've ever had!

Seannick 7 months ago

Lobster Mac

10/10. I am a big fan of lobster and never had it with mac and cheese before. It was phenomenal. The lemon goat cheese was on point complimenting the richness of the cheese and the sweet lobster meat. Never would have thought of a sherry reduction to go with it either. Pure genius.

Ysfair 7 months ago

Lobster Mac

OMG the lobster mac is AWESSSSSSSSOME also had the pulled pork. Never tried anything like it. My taste buds were happy

Hannahhkatep 7 months ago

Maryland Crab

Tried the Maryland Crab Mac and my friend got the Lobster Mac, both were outstanding! Generous portion sizes for the price, loaded with delicious toppings that complemented each other perfectly. Will definitely be coming back!

Vicanya 8 months ago

Lobster Mac

The BEST lobster Mac and cheese I have ever had by far! Even my son whom has a milk allergy and is ever picky enjoyed it without the cheese!

Stina 8 months ago

Lobster Mac

Insane! The Mac part was done very well and the lobster and toppings added the perfect touch! Can't wait to try the rest of your dishes!

Latestplague93 9 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Mac

The buffalo chicken mac and cheese is so good and creamy!! I've tried it over and over at various festivals and the delicious taste holds up! Macarollin' has extremely good quality food you can count on time and time again. Thanks for all you do!

Guest 10 months ago

Maryland Crab

I miss Maryland make RIT add this as an option


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